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Traditional Kona Lei Greetings are a warm start to the Islands with an authentic Hawaiian lei greeting right as you leave the gate! Big Island lei greetings are Hawaiian flower leis at the Kona International airport.

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Kona Lei Greetings

About Hawaii Lei Greetings

The Hawaii lei custom was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers, who took a journey from Tahiti, navigating only by the stars in canoes. With these early settlers, the Hawaiian lei tradition in Hawaii was born.

Hawaiian Leis were constructed of flowers, leaves, shells, seeds, nuts, feathers, and even bone and teeth of various animals at one time. In Hawaiian tradition, these garlands were worn by ancient Hawaiians to beautify themselves and make themselves different from others.

During the "Boat Days" of the early 1900s, before Kona airport was even a thought, Honolulu lei vendors lined the pier at Aloha Tower to welcome malihini, also known as visitors to the islands and kama'aina (locals) back home. It is said that departing visitors would throw their lei into the open sea as the ship passed Diamond Head, in the hopes that, like their lei, they too would return to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands again someday.

With the advent of tourism in the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian lei greetings quickly became the symbol of Hawaii to millions of visitors worldwide. Now and its many new Big Island visitors and repeat visitors are met with a fresh Kona flower lei greeting. Get the best discounted pricing on Kona lei greetings. Your loved ones will be met by a Hawaiian greeter at the Kona Big Island airport.

Today, Hawaiian visitors can easily bring back the nostalgia of old Hawaii by ordering a Hawaiian Kauai traditional flower lei greeting for their arrival at the Big Island Kona airport. Greeters welcome visitors with a warm "aloha" and adorn them with beautiful fresh leis. It's a wonderful way to begin a Hawaiian vacation and bring out the feeling of Aloha!

There are very few "rules" when it comes to wearing a Hawaii lei greeting. Anyone can wear one at anytime - there need not be an occasion, but it a nice feeling to start your Hawaiian vacation off with a Hawaiian lei greeting.

Lei giving is a regular part of any special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and graduations. It is not uncommon for a graduating senior to have so many leis around their neck that they can no longer see!

Start you Hawaii vacation off right with a Big Island Lei Greeting and enjoy the activities and tours in Kona. Order now and have a great vacation. For other Hawaii activities or Hawaii Tours, be sure to check out Hawaii Discount.

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About Kona Airport Lei Greetings

Big Island Hawaiian Lei Greetings offers a Hawaii reception that will not be soon forgotten. Your friendly Hawaiian Island greeter will stand at the Kona airport baggage area as you exit the terminal at the Kona, Big Island Airport. The airport lei greeters will hold a welcome sign with your personalized names on it. You will be presented with fresh Hawaiian flower lei greeting and offered assistance to baggage claim or directions to your connecting inter-island flight including any and all airlines which include United airlines, Delta, and Hawaiian Airlines lei greetings.

If you want to make your trip to the Big Island special be sure to start it off with a Big Island lei greeting in Kona.

Arrange a traditional Kona lei greeting for your arrival at the airport on the Big Island! Your friendly island greeter will welcome you with warm "Aloha" and present you with a beautiful fresh flower lei, which is a symbol of welcome and love in Hawaii.

If this is your first time to the Big Island of Hawaii your greeter can offer assistance to the baggage claim area or help with any directions so you can get going right away to your Hawaii vacation!

You can now arrange a lei greeting for your upcoming Hawaiian vacation. A lei greeting makes a delightful gift for honeymooners or for first-time visitors. Spread a little aloha with a fresh flower lei greeting!

The Big Island Airport Lei Greeting is an ancient and colorful Hawaiian tradition has continued strong and is an important cultural aspect still being represented in Hawaii today. A Big Island Lei giving is a way of saying "Aloha" and honoring the ones you love and care for. Order a Kona lei greeting and start your Hawaii vacation off right!